How Your Black Friday Experience Will Look?

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See Your Girls Squad!

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Disguise Yourself As Santa For Christmas!

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What Are Your 3 Perfect Dating Spots?

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How Well Friends Know You?

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What's Your Dating Superpower?

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Photographer Stages Maternity Shoot For Pregnant Dog

Maternity photoshoots full of moms showing off their belly bumps are nothing new. But Queensland photographer Vicki Miller found a way to put a new spin on it!

Hilary Gowan

Victorian Women Breastfeed Babies In Vintage Photographs Stories

There is a trend of tracing anything that seems prudish or sexually dysfunctional to the Victorian times. Well, would you be surprised to know that..

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15 Things Every Sagittarius Will Understand Stories

Born between November 21st and December 21st, you're the most heavily armed of the astrological signs. Cancer might have his pincers, but he's got nothing on your bow!

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Bride Reads Her Wedding Vows - Which Include Her Husband's Ex! Stories

Nobody really wants to see their partner's ex... but sometimes, love and life finds a way. When Katie Hild was writing her wedding vows..

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Vagina Smells Is Natural, Complaining Men Are Not Stories

"I once dated a guy who insinuated my vagina did not smell right," she wrote. "He was an ass in other ways too..."

Josephine Thompson

Curvy Model Recreates Victoria’s Secret Catalog To Challenge Beauty Standards Stories

Brooklyn-based model Tabria Majors wanted to draw attention to the rigid beauty standards in Victoria's Secret ad campaigns. She showed everyone that plus sized models are no less steamy hot

Lauren Freeman

Humans Love Dogs More Than People Says Science Stories

Do you like your dog more than your friends? Well, you're not the only like that. A team from Northeastern University Boston and the University of Colorado Boulder published...

Hilary Gowan

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